Dr. Kas Henry Outstanding Mentorship 2015 Reflection Award

Dr. Kasthuri Henry is an award winning writer, engaging speaker, professor and an experienced international corporate executive presenting on topics such as Leading with your Soul and Financial Agents for Change. She has spoken to thousands of business professionals across the US including national conferences of CFO Organization, Institute of Management Accountants, Associations of Financial Professionals, Chamber of Commerce and Business Leadership events..

"Congratulations my darling wife Kasthuri! Your charisma, compassion and commitment make you the most compelling person I have ever known
– Loving Husband, Mike

"My sister Kas is an inspiring role model who has a knack for connecting with people and bringing out the best. She believes that elevating one person's life will elevate those around them. She leads by example, teaching and mentoring others in expanding their own potential. As long as I have known her, she's been committed to helping others, whether slum kids in India, college students, professionals, and the local barista - even me. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award."
– Love, Nandhini Gulasingam

"Congratulations Dr. Henry! I am so grateful you are in my life! Thank you for your encouragement and words of wisdom"
– With Love, Andrew Smith

"Congratulations to my dear friend Kas! The difference you make is nothing short of legendary. You are a Blessing to all that come into your life and your kindness, compassion and humility is very much appreciated."
– Your friend, Iyda Ghuneim

"We are absolutely thrilled that you have been recognized with this award. There is nobody else that deserves it more than you."
– Della and Eligio Hernandez

"Dr. Henry is accomplished, kind and considerate. She is conscientious and thorough. A true professional who upholds her values at whatever the cost. She is committed to her family and is a true role model for excellence, loyalty and compassion."
– Mark Hay, Vice President, Lockton Companies

"DeVry University and the Keller Graduate School are proud to have Dr. Henry working with our students for the past 5-years. Dr. Henry holds students to high standards which they are able to achieve due to her caring, nurturing style in the classroom. Congrats Kas and thank you for all you do for our students!"
– Bert Lindstrom, Ed.D, Faculty Chair, Professor College of Business and Management, DeVry University and Keller Graduate School

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